29 Jul 2010

Four Page Tavana Brochure

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I found this document archived on some sailing website (don’t recall which one). The scans are of such low resolution that the text is almost unreadable in places. I am presenting the original document below, side by side with the full text (deciphered to the best of my ability).

Tavana Brochure Page 1 Five years ago, H. S. Glander decided that a new design in cruising-racing sailboats was necessary. This new boat would concentrate on seaworthiness, cruising comfort and safety and still be a racing contender. The hull would be of fiberglass with its strength and space saving advantages. Wood would blended to the glass hull to give warmth and beauty. Long space-wasting overhangs would be avoided and shoal-draft would be incorporated to allow full cruising range. The cabin would have full headroom and would accommodate a family of five in cruising comfort rather than merely contain five bunks. Finally, so that as many sailors as possible could enjoy the fruits of this design, inexpensive bare and semi-completed hulls would be made available.

After many models and much tank-testing at the University of Miami, one outstanding model was selected and a prototype built and tested. Early trials convinced all who saw her that the criteria had been met, and a gratifying number of early racing victories confirmed her speed. After minor refinements in this original successful ocean racer, the Tavana class was born.

Tavana Brochure Page 2 First Photo Set Caption

From any angle wide walk-around decks made for fast and safe sail-handling. A non-skid finish on the fiberglass adds further to the safety of this stable boat.

The Tavana is a 33’ x 25’ x 10’ x 3’ cruising-racing sailboat of exemplary with a maintenance-free fiberglass hull. Generous waterline length gives her the roominess and speed of boats four to seven feet longer without their hobby horsing and wasted space. Generous boom gives her space and stability and she sails on her designed lines. The hull is built to the highest standards in the industry, using techniques developed through years of experience on 40’ U. C. Coast Guard cutters; it is rigid and strong and contains 60-120% more glass and resin by weight than any of its competitors. Its seaworthiness has been proven innumerable times in the rough waters of the Gulf Stream (1); its speed has been proven in the vigorous competition of the S. O. R. C.; and its comfort and seakindlyness has been proven by dozens of delighted owners.

Anyone who is willing to do the light construction and finishing work can now own this remarkable boat then he is still young enough to enjoy it.

Available in either sloop or yawl rig, the Tavana carries 450 or 533 square feet of sail with ease. Her broad winch base makes sails set better and handle easier. Her wide walk-around decks allow great ease of handling and safety. Three thousand pounds of lead keel makes her stiff, and and with this lead inside the glass hull envelope, annoying keel bold leaks are avoided and installation is vastly simplified. With the centerboard pennant led to the cockpit or cabin roof, she can be handled by one man when necessary and is child’s play for a couple. Equipped with a Universal Atomic 4, she will do six knots on less than one gallon per hour. If you want to sail for an afternoon, she’s simple enough to get up and go in twenty minutes. Not dependent on deep water, each season she will see double the water with half the trouble of her deeper sisters.

Second Photo Set Caption

The powerful hull with good bearing and windward ability is clearly apparent. A long run with parallel sections contributes to great speed before the wind and occasional thrilling rides on big rollers. The long straight keel keeps her going where you point and also greatly simplifies winter stowage and hauling.

Tavana Brochure Page 3 Third Photo Set Caption

The cockpit has plenty of room for work or play. Note the efficient off-center companionway and lazaretto hatches, for the convenient winches and the large after-deck. There is more than ample storage under both cockpit seats and is the ??

Fourth Photo Caption

With the flexibility of fiberglass even a bathtub can be tucked into this 33-footer. It also may service as a fish well, an extra ice cooler or storage for wet weather gear.

Fifth Photo Caption
The first mate will delight in the well-arranged galley which is just an arm’s length away from the cockpit and cleverly exploits the space under the bridge deck of the cockpit. The navigator, too, will appreciate this space which has an indirect light shielded from the helmsman for night passages.

Tavana Brochure Page 4 Full headroom is provided throughout in her roomy and airy cabin, and this cabin has a superabundance of storage space necessary to make family cruising a pleasure. The principle of a generous size where it counts is carried to cockpit which accommodates eight with ease and which can sleep two seven footers.

The basic arrangement plan calls for five permanent berths, one of which can be easily doubled. When purchased as a kit other arrangements are of course possible to suit thee individual family.

Base hull prices start at $2850 and a heavy building and shipping cradle is $175. This together with full plans and building instructions, stiff paper templates and design features planned to aid amateur builders takes most of the guesswork out of completing the boat. A list of completion and equipment cost estimates will give you a realistic idea of how reasonably this remarkable boat can be yours.

Sixth Photo Caption

Winch bases, hatches, combings and house are all solid mahogany built up of edge-milled strips for great strength and ease of construction. Gracefully curved sections are thereby easily achieved by the amateur without heavy molds and steam bending.

Seventh Photo Caption

Going Away… The usual view of the Tavana as seen by her competitor’s eyes without her remarkably low CCA rating of 23.2.

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  1. Found new book on the first Glander 33 sail around the world. I sail out of Cocoa on our Glander 33 – Duchess

    Thanks for all the great information! Please keep it coming.


    Here is the Amazon.com book review-

    The Voyage of Islita is a first person narrative about a sea voyage around the earth…a circumnavigation in a thirty-three foot sloop by a couple of young adventurers. The saga takes the reader to exotic ports of call, romantic South Pacific islands, the Great Barrier Reef, isolated lagoons, an African safari, and incredible sea passages across three oceans, and around the dangerous capes of Africa.

    Wheelock, Kiki; Parrott, Lynn; Shackleton, Keith; O’Brien, Fernando; Wheelock, Russell (2011-05-19). The Voyage of Islita (Kindle Locations 29-33). Kiki Wheelock. Kindle Edition.


    Scott Kiesling

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